V. Rich: An Artist Spotlight - Spring 2011

Amidst a sea of cookie cutter artists, Vincent “V. Rich” Richardson is breaking the mold with his radio friendly yet genre blending sound. I spoke with V. Rich for a little insight into this classically trained, soul singing crooner’s music and mind…


Coming from a classical piano background, how did you start out in the soul genre?

VR: I started out singing in church. I went to an arts middle school in Connecticut but I stopped singing at 13 when I moved to DC. I didn’t start singing again until I got to college. When I came home to DC after my sophomore year, I was improvising and playing around on the piano one day when my younger brother heard me and started rapping along!! We ended up recording an entire album ourselves. [From that point], I started writing and producing for many years and after referencing songs for artists, people began to ask “why don’t you sing?”


So, what artists have you had the opportunity to work with?

VR: Wow… Amel Larrieux, Lauryn Hill, Mya, Grenique, Raheem DeVaughn Eric Roberson, Rapper Pooh from Little Brother and many others. Raheem DeVaughn and Jeannie Jones from WKYS are actually on the mixtape “Before the Addiction”. Eric Roberson and Rapper Pooh will be guest artists on my upcoming LP.


Talk to me about the mixtape you recently released, “Before the Addiction”.

VR: All of the songs [on the mixtape] were done before I was “an artist”. These songs were meant for other artists. I had referenced these songs and folks weren’t singing them the way I wanted them to sing them [laughing], so I sang them myself. About 8 or 9 of the songs are produced by Bosston [my cousin]. By the way, artist Demont Peekaso (Washington, DC based visual artist) did the cover art for it, too. I just wanted to make sure these songs were heard, even though they may not fit the direction I’m going in with my next album.


Which direction are you taking us in on the next album?

VR: The direction is a good one [laughing]!! It’s grown and sexy… mature. It just feels good and I don’t want to box it in right now. Just stay tuned!


When people hear your music what do you want them to take away from it?

VR: I want folks to hear and feel it. Some songs may be about something sad, some about love. Most of my music is about love and relationships though. Whatever I’m trying to convey I want the listener to feel it and I hope it helps folks get through something. I just want them to have an experience.


Bringing an element of classical to your music, how were you initially received?

VR: I was well received that’s why I think I kept going!! Folks like Nina Simone did it. I think it definitely brings something new to the table.

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